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How to Bring Your Pet to Hawaii – (Start planning 120 days prior to your trip)
Read at this link about the “Direct Airport Release“ program where the pet comes home with you from the airport without having to stay at AQS – Animal Quarantine Station. As of 5/08 Central Maui Animal Clinic advertises they are “now approved to inspect animals at the Kahului airport for Direct Release to the owner, contact Kelly Heiman 893-2380, Direct Release Quarantine Coordinator“

Maui Humane Society
Maui Humane Society – best place to get a dog or cat on Maui, sometimes also pet pigs, rabbits, exotic animals

See photos of pets at Maui Humane Society …..(enter 96753 as zip code)
See photos of pets at Maui Humane Society (enter 96753 as zip code)

Hawaii Canines for Independance (HCI) 250-5799
Providing service dogs for blind and handicapped individuals on Maui. Contact Maureen “Mo“ Maurer at 250-5799 for more info.

Dog relocation – ehow FAQ on moving pets to a new home
Dog relocation – ehow FAQ on moving pets to a new home

Valley Isle Kennel Club 573-1192 or 572-0257
Maui`s kennel club — link also has info on: 5 day or less quarantine program,AKC dog show entry form, Dog Health Insurance, Airport security advisor, dogs and the disabled, Dog Wisdom slide show, Hawaii Dog Foundation, other great Hawaii animal info

Feline Foundation of Maui 891-1181
Dedicated to the needs of cats everywhere on Maui. Email for more information. Also operates a missing or found cat matching service.

Cat Fanciers: Solutions to Problem Behaviors in Cats
Scratching, jumping on counters, housetraining, escaping, drape/curtain climbing, chewing, biting, early a.m. wakeups, toilet paper, splashing water, ripping carpet, closet antics, outside issues, noise, your garden, attack cats, birdfeeder issues.

How to Communicate with your cat — Wikihow
Cats have developed an elaborate communication system with hundreds of vocalizations to tell humans what they want.

CGC Awards — “Canine Good Citizen“ certification
The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program, established in 1989, is an American Kennel Club program to promote responsible dog ownership and to encourage the training of well-mannered dogs. A dog and handler team must take a short behavioral evaluation of less than half an hour; dogs who pass the evaluation earn the Canine Good Citizen certificate, which many people represent after the dog’s name, abbreviating it as CGC; for example, “Fido, CGC”.

Packing the Pooch for Pet-Friendly Skies
Bringing animals on flights has become more commonplace in recent years, but some airlines now have strict regulations — and even stricter prices — to pack a pooch or carry a cat. But with increasing concern for the welfare of canine and feline alike, there are a growing number of options to transport pets in the friendly skies. (5/10/09)

Animal Camp — Maui Humane Society
Preschool Story Time, Youth Clubs, A Youth Website, and Animal Camp…. Lil’ Bow Wow and Meow Camp teaches children pet responsibility through fun and games, just a few things that the MHS Development Department has introduced. 7/9/09

Maui slowly paving way for dog parks
Maui County Council’s Public Works and Facilities Committee takes puppy steps towards dog parks 11/15/07

Combating Your Dog’s Cold-Weather Boredom
Meetup is a great venue for finding like-minded pet owners who live nearby (2/24/10)

Crazy ‘Bout Koko – The ‘talking’ gorilla makes her move to the Gorilla Foundation on Maui in 2002
West Maui setting matches her African home. “Koko thought we would be in Hawaii years ago,” says Francine “Penny” Patterson. “She’s intrigued by all the beautiful flowers from photos we’ve shown her of her new home. She asks when we’re moving.”

Pacific Primate Pizza Party Planned to help Maui monkeys
Pacific Primate Sanctuary Inc. 500A Haloa Rd, Haiku Maui HI 96708, tel/fax (808) 572-8089, email or (Maui News 10-24-10 p.C8)

Pooch-pleasing Wailea restaurants, resorts, attractions, and hotels that are pet friendly
For pet-friendly accommodations when you travel, check out Dog Friendly .com. and also Bring Fido .com. . For cat lovers, another good site is Pets Welcome .com . Pooch-pleasing hotels, restaurants, resorts, attractions and even airlines. 5/12








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