Development issues in the Wailea Makena region/Community development issues

Save Makena.Org
Development issues — Save Makena .Org is dedicated to preserving the wild open spaces, beaches, reefs, Hawaiian cultural sites and native dryland forest in the Makena/Honua`ula area for future generations. Through the process of informing concerned citizens of the potential impacts of proposed large-scale developments and ways to take action, Save Makena will mobilize the community to help guide the ultimate fate of this area. Also Wailea 670 and Makena Resort issues.

Maui Tomorrow.Org
Water, Makena, Housing, Energy — Maui Tomorrow works with government and citizens to promote sustainable development policies and to preserve open space and natural areas. We provide input to the planning process; testify at public hearings; distribute action alerts; make educational materials available and more — Ocean, Land Use, Agriculture, Our Mission, Our History

Focus Maui Nui — community improvement group
Focus Maui Nui brought together a diverse cross-section of nearly 1,700 residents to discuss their values and priorities. Over three months, 167 small group discussions took place in neighborhood homes, churches, shopping centers and workplaces, with each group ultimately developing a list of key strategies that could shape Maui’s future. The Five Key Strategies for Action included: Improve Education * Protect the natural environment, including our water resources * Address infrastructure challenges especially housing and transportation * Adopt targeted economic development strategies * Preserve local culture and address community health concerns * Community leaders have pledged to uphold the findings of this process and to make decisions based on the vision that emerges. In 2004, county administrators and planners successfully adopted the findings into their Ten-Year Plan for Maui County. * “We are listening to our community and this year’s budget priorities reflect many of the Focus Maui Nui strategies.” – Mayor Alan Arakawa * For more information on the project, visit our findings section, or download the following summaries: Executive Summary * This summary provides a 22-page overview of the Focus Maui Nui process and results.

Both sides to a heated debate are using the same rhetoric to fight a furious battle that some say will determine the future of Hawaii. Development of ranch land
Both sides to a heated debate are using the same rhetoric to fight a furious battle that some say will determine the future of Hawaii. Molokai ranch issues 5/13/07

Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan
Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan — What do the people of Hawaii want for the future of our economy, society and environment in the 21st century?  What steps can we take now to achieve that preferred future for our children and their children?  Find answers in the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan – the people’s plan. Produced from one of the comprehensive community-based planning efforts in our state’s history, the Hawaii 2050 Plan is a blueprint for a sustainable Hawaii.  The plan identifies:
• Goals for Hawaii’s sustainable long-term future
• Strategic actions to achieve the goals
• Indicators that measure sustainability
• Intermediate steps for the year 2020
• Public accountability for our state’s progress
Download the entire Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan, or read sections online at this site.

Kihei Community Association (KCA) 879-5390
Active in monitoring development issues throughout south Maui Wailea Makena and nearby areas

South Maui Volunteers
Hoaloha Aina is a grass roots organization committed to community stewardship and the protection of our shoreline by protecting the land from vehicular traffic, keeping the land free of trash, and by building and maintaining a walking trail that effectively connects the South Maui Heritage Corridor. Bob & Lis Richardson. It begins with individuals who have a commitment to work toward an end goal in cooperation with state and county agencies whose lands are impacted by our endeavors. Hoaloha ‘Aina falls under the umbrella of Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc., a 501C (3) corporation for tax deductible contributions of materials and funds.

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